Sunday, December 7, 2008

god bless jayne & leslie

Jayne Sutton is THE BESTEST baker I know. Her cookies and cakes are not only the most delicious sweets I have ever tasted...they are the most beeyouteeful. Her signature treats are teeny weeny cookie creations...ones that you just pop in your mouth in one little bite. I was so lucky today to see her in action in my own kitchen. She and Leslie, her daughter and my dear friend, were kind enough to come help me make royal icing for our upcoming cookie workshops....this task consisted of 63 pounds of powdered sugar! THEN they insisted on helping me bake 4 dozen of my holiday cocoroons for a cookie swap. I LOVED seeing Jayne in action! Thank you Jayne and Leslie for all your help today!


Gretchen Kelly said...

What a nice post and Jayne looks so beautiful.

Leslie said...

Susanna we had a great time. Mom is so excited about being "blogged" and is even thinking of starting her own blog (mom's 85). What have you started! Leslie

julie degni marr said...

Life is sweet when you have creative and giving friends like this!