Wednesday, March 18, 2009

glorious masking tape

Oh Boy...I would love barrels of this most colorful masking tape for the studio! Can anyone translate the website?


Jacqueline deRuyter said...

Hi Susanna! I'd love some of that tape too! I looked around for it and came across this site:

It's packaged differently but there is a great variety of colors and patterns. Hope this helps!

Macy Dawn said...

Ah-ha! I am no translator, but for those beautiful rolls of tape I will tell you that google has an online translator for websites. You just need to know what language you're translating (or guess a few times like I do). Here's the link: Google Translate

macy dawn

Eila (Chef/Owner of "Mom-a-licious") said...

Wow, VERY cool. Something I wouldn't mind being stuck to the wallpaper. Let me know if you figure out a source. Really neat.

Charisse Photography said...

I can't translate the website for you....but I wanted to drop in and say how much I love your it almost everyday....and this post made me think of Sam...and what he created in your studio with a bunch of masking tape! Thanks for the memories XOXO

Adele said...

Found it on Etsy $34.00 for set of 20


These and lots and lots of other great designs!

u2kanstamp said...

Hi Susanna ~ Any luck finding these fabulous masking tapes. I checked out everyone's suggestions and they just didn't have the variety. I did find which had a nice selection. Thanks for sharing ~I always find myself in a happy place when I have a chance to read your blogs. Have a great day.