Friday, April 3, 2009

La Famiglia Dimitri

Tomorrow we take Everett to The New Victory Theater in NYC to see La Famiglia Dimitri, an alterna-circus. This is what The New Victory Theater says:

A household name in their native Switzerland, La Famiglia Dimitri is a captivating clan full of circus surprises. Led by the world-renowned Clown Dimitri and featuring his daughters Masha and Nina, his son David and son in-law Kai, LA FAMIGLIA DIMITRI combines extraordinary high wire acts (over the audience!) with live Latin American music and laugh out loud variety acts. It's an animal-free, absolutely amazing alterna-circus for all ages!

"The Dimitris draw standing ovations without end." – Neue Z├╝rcher Zeitung

We can hardly wait!


Eila (Chef/Owner of "Mom-a-licious") said...

Can't wait to hear how this was! We keep meaning to make a trip in to that theater!!

Roberta said...

Did you guys have fun? It sounds awesome. I missed you at Maddie's B-day party!