Tuesday, October 6, 2009

new favorite cereal

I discovered this new line of breakfast cereal at Whole Foods. The Honey n' Oats is my favorite. It's delicious and no bulky box.

This says it all:
All natural corn and whole grain wheat flake cereal with whole grain oat clusters. No fake colors, flavors or preservatives.

Three Sisters cereal are now exclusively on the shelves of Whole Foods Markets around the nation. Three Sisters offers all natural cereal, that taste good, and are also environmentally conscious.

Our cereals are made using renewable wind energy.

Right on!

Read more here.


kate said...

The Bozos LOVE those cereals! Especially, the marshmallow one...which, is like lucky charms without all the artificial junk!

Eila (Chef/Owner of "Full Plate") said...

That cereal sounds more fabulous than the Fiddlesticks I came across during yesterday's Whole Foods trip...thanks for the recommendation.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Kate. The marshmallow cereal is the bomb. We buy two bags at a time: One for my boys (8 and 11 years); and one for dad!