Thursday, June 10, 2010

nigella's lemonade

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We had a goodbye supper with our English friends, The Chads this eve.  Cathrin made the yummiest fish and chips.  Jack her 7 year old and I made the most delicious lemonade from one of Nigella's cookbooks.  The interesting thing about this lemonade is that you blend up two whole lemons, skins, pips and all!  You then put it through a strainer.  It was so lemony and thirst quenching.  I know this will be my go-to lemonade recipe from now on and I will forever remember our English friends, The Chads!  Here is the recipe & enjoy:


2 unwaxed lemons
1 bottle of fizzy water
4 tablespoons sugar


cut lemons into eight pieces each so 16 pieces total
put 8 pieces of lemon in blender with 1/2 bottle of fizzy water 
add 1/2 sugar (2 of the 4 tablespoons)
blend until all chopped up
pour through sieve into a pitcher
repeat with other 1/2 of ingredients
pour over ice and serve: YUM!


Gretchen Kelly said...

how do you know if lemons are waxed? and how do you unwax them?

Susanna said...

hmmmm...good question. If you buy organic lemons then I think you are ok.