Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Someone told me about
last summer.
It's a site where one can
post something you 
would like to get rid of for free.
Something you no longer need.
Something that is in good shape
and working or perhaps not.
Something that someone out there 
may be able to fix.
Or you can request a certain something.
I would like to tell you about my recent
very successful
Last summer we dug up
a bunch of old bricks that were once 
a terrace in our back yard.
The bricks were completely 
covered with grass.  Most in perfect shape.
We did not want to bring them to 
the dump knowing 
someone might put them all to good use.
I posted the lot of bricks on 
I quickly got several inquiries.
The person that ended up taking them
was the nicest man who
was building...
a terrace.
He was so grateful
so hence I then felt good
giving someone something for free and not
filling up our local landfill.

I was looking into
buying Piper a baby swing.
Not an inexpensive purchase I found.
I thought..hey 
I will post a 
wanted ad
to see if anyone has a swing 
hanging around in their garage.
Almost instantly I got a response from 
a nice someone that lives
five minutes away!
SO great!
Look how happy Piper is swinging in her
new OLD FREE swing.
Priceless and perfect.
There is a 
near you.
It's nationwide.
Check it out 
if you have
something to give 
or something you want or need!

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