Monday, September 26, 2011

i can can

I went to a little tomato canning 
class a couple of weeks ago.
I was utterly inspired!
Our crop of tomatoes was a bust this year
so I got a box of not-so-hot tomatoes
for way too much $ from I will not say where.
(They did redeem so I am not as ticked as I was)
I was able to can 4 jars from that lot and then 
found some beauties that I let ripen on my dining room table
for a few days as it should be.
So I canned tomatoes twice...
an old pro with the process embedded in my brain.
It truly is so easy.
Now I have 8 jars of tomatoes come cold tomato-less dead o'winter!
Here are the snaps of my process!

 sterilized jars right out the dishwasher's sanitize cycle

 ripe tomatoes

 seedless and quartered toms draining

 fresh basil from our garden on the bottom, then toms, then salt ready... for bath

my new canning pot with roaring boiling water

canned tomatoes!

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