Tuesday, October 18, 2011

chimney sweep deluxe

This post is surely not for everyone
but I must share the most
interesting experience.
We had a fireplace chimney and our furnace chimney
cleaned yesterday by the most fascinating 
fellow named Terry 
(quite the character)
(Phone number:  203-853-2003)
Write that number down and call right away 
if you want a proper cleaning done folks.

I have never in all of my years of having various sweeps
clean our chimneys seen anything 
like what I saw yesterday afternoon.
This man pulled out all kind of animal carcasses 
out of the chimney.
I nearly jumped out the window when I saw the giant,
charcoaled squirrel....there it was on my living room floor 
(on a nice tarp)
with the other petrified creatures.
Bird, bat and squirrel are what I could recognize.
Everett was unafraid and in awe of this man.
He went to town cleaning.
He said others don't go where he goes...
some shelf up the chimney to be exact.
Terry was like Dick Van Dyke 
on the roof with all kinds of brushes.
I am telling you it was a sight
and quite refreshing to see
a person take his work so seriously.
I will never use another
sweep again.
Get on the horn and call Chimney Corners
and ask for Terry.
Here are some snaps:
Terry on arrival.
The squirrel and see the bat on the left?
Everett and squirrely.
Terry and Everett and squirrel again.
Terry on the roof.
One of his great brushes.



Anonymous said...

What a nice post! Thank you! We are so glad you had a great (and rather exciting) experience with Terry! I will pass this along to him so he can enjoy it too.

We enjoyed working with your family and forward to doing so again. Thank you again.

Have a safe and happy winter season!

Chimney Corners

lola davis said...

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