Wednesday, November 7, 2012

november 2012

So sorry.  So out of the blog loop.
It's been a crazy November so far.
Here's a bit of happenings around here:
Took the train to Grand Central
 with Everett + Leslie
for lunch at the Oyster Bar.
Went for a hike in the woods.

 Baked Blondie Brownies with Everett.

 Piper + I touched + hugged all the tall spruces
surrounding our home and
begged them to be as strong as possible
when Hurricane Sandy landed.

 (They all made it!)

 Friends that live on the water in Row8
came to stay with us for a week.

 We made the best of no power!
Great meals.
Lots of wine

Captain America
Super hero kitty.

 Road trip to Tivoli Mercantile + Hudson to visit Gretchen.

 Wilted arugula + blistered tomatoes = Super YUM 
thanks to Markus.

 This guy sure was one with his ring!

 Piper at Trader J's pushing cart now that she's 3!

 Observed Piper + her  Pink Tower lesson.

Painted wood sculptures at after-school art @ 

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Joelle Mintz Snavely said...

Love to see how you spend your days : )