Friday, January 23, 2015

new ritual to start my days

My friend Eden 
turned me on to this
new daily ritual.
I'm hooked.
Here's what I do:

Set my alarm to:

Put my feet on the floor at 5:30 am.
Go to the bathroom.
Scrape my tongue with
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Then I brush my teeth,
go to the kitchen,
put the kettle on and make myself a
cup of hot water with lemon.
While the water is boiling
 I bundle up...jacket, hat, scarf + boots.
 I then set my timer on my iphone for:

I go outside and sit on my stoop
for 5 minutes.
I take in the darkness, stars, bare trees and the moon or
like today
 the dusting of snow.
It's quiet and I breathe deep while 
I sip my hot water with lemon.
5 whole minutes to myself at the start of the day.
Silence, the outside and just me.
The timer goes off.
I go back inside.
The house is quiet.
All is calm.
Not only do I start my day bright and early,
I have found that I have plenty of time
to prepare lunches and breakfast.
No rushing.
My mood? 
Ready to start the day!

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