Monday, September 20, 2010

my name is piper

my name is piper
i wear a diaper
i like bananas 
my mom is susanna
i have a kitty
her name is twa
and i call my dad papa

(a song i made for piper)

piper is wearing a night gown I wore when I was a baby


Karen said...

her name is susanna
and we loved her shop paper, scissors and tropicana
i only see this lady once per year,
thank goodness for that girl from ohio who we hold so dear!
i am so thrilled to find your blog,
your vision and life are so beautiful...lifts one out of the fog!
i hope you're well--give your babies a squeeze
hope to see you before the winter breeze...xoxo

Gretchen Kelly said...

soooo Cuuuuttteee!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joelle Mintz Snavely said...

oh my oh my she is SO sweet! ...and love the clever poem from Karen as well : )

Lisa said...

Ohhhhh I have to squeeze her!!! XXOO to all!