Friday, January 7, 2011

furious vulvas

One of my most favorite restaurants in Fairfield County is Bloodroot.  It is a very special place unlike any other in this part of the world. The organic, vegetarian, seasonal and delicious soups, salads, main courses, breads and desserts are all so yummy.  I went with my dear friend Jessica yesterday for a bowl of chickpea, potato and tomato soup and an open-faced avocado sandwich with sundried tomatoes, garlic and olive oil on toasted rye bread.  Perfect.  On my way out I noticed these chocolates made by a former employee of the restaurant...the name made me look again.  Furious Vulvas...12 bittersweet chocolate vulvas with hawaiian pink sea salt and pink peppercorns made for Noel, one of the owners of Bloodroot..oh did I mention it is a feminist restaurant.  Bought a box and boy (or should I say girl) are they special.  Hot with a bit of spice and perfectly salty.....just in time for Valentine's Day.
Check them out here.