Monday, July 2, 2012

lulie wallace

Lulie Wallace has a new website.
{blog, shop etc}
It's beyond fantastic.
It's worth a good gander.
As a happy birthday to me, 
I bought this painting.
Lulie names paintings after the people that buy her paintings.
{I gather}
 I stumbled upon this painting on her blog.  It's called
Sweet Flowers for Susanna 
What a sweet gesture....
{Of course I'd like to add it to my collection now....}

Her paintings are featured in the new
Anthropologie catalogue.
{wow lulie!  you must be over the moon!}

She has little tiny tot paintings {+biggies} for sale...
lots at the moment:

cost: $75 each
Get one quick before they're gone!
Check out more here
{good luck choosing}

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Joelle Mintz Snavely said...

Oh I need the 'ruby' one!