Monday, July 16, 2012

some summer snaps july 2012

 Helen + Jill in Nolita
one hot summer Sunday

 my girl

 Katherine teaching me to make
rice paper easy + delish

 Jayne + Piper Jayne for summer BBQ

 Jayne + Mitch = Harold + Maude

 Everett at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn

 Reynards, the Wythe's restaurant...yum.

E finds matchbox cars!

I had the peach basil popsicle....oMgoodness.

 E in our room at the Wythe.

 Our cute bartender friend at Reynards.
E is having his first root beer soda.
I had the yummiest Aperol citrus cocktail.
(Aperol, sparkling white wine, fresh OJ and a big orange peel)
Manhattan skyline view from my bed.
Thanks Les!
So much fun!

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