Thursday, August 16, 2012


 I spent last weekend in NYC with
my good old friend, Joelle.
(check out her blog)
We had such an amazing time together as always.
I was so happy when we stumbled upon
in the East Village.
Blood, Bones & Butter was written by 
Gabrielle Hamilton, the owner.
 So small, so perfect.
The hostess + bartender could not have been nicer .
We cozied up to the bar and had
the most delicious appetizers:
 crabbiest crabcake...the best I've ever had.

 Shrimp, head + all...YUM.
Celery salad with a piece of toast with the
creamiest slice of blue cheese.

Oh the wine...I had the Rosé...crisp + dry just the way I love it.

The book is a must read.
Get to PRUNE if you can!

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