Tuesday, March 26, 2013

trader joe's jelly beans

Get your body over to 
your nearest Trader Joe's.  
Buy as many boxes of 
the gourmet jelly beans
as you can.  
They are so so delish.  
I don't even care about jelly beans.
 These I do.  
The grapefruit jellies taste like grapefruit.  
The mango taste like mango.
Kinda like the blueberry girl from Willy Wonka.
No joke.
{thanks for the tip KPA}
This is the box you will need to find in the candy section.
Good Luck with Easter around the corner.
{KPA said bags. I only saw boxes}
I put beans in teeny WECK canning jars.
One for each plate at our Easter table.
A bowl of beans.
{the colors are spectacular}

1 comment:

Annapolady said...

I don't like jellybeans (or most candy, not counting chocolate as candy) but I do like fruit, and these sound intriguing. I'll try them - thanks for the rec!