Thursday, July 11, 2013

window dressing

Two weeks ago I spent a few days in the Hudson Valley
for rest + a bit of work + fun.
I can hardly call the work "work".
It was really part of the fun...
I was asked to design 2 shop windows.
The first for my friend Helen Andersson,
Make-up artist and lead educator at Face Stockholm.
Helen also has an amazing space, Tivoli Ayurveda in Tivoli, NY, where she 
gives Ayurvedic treatments and sells her products, Sweet Botany.
Ayurveda is an ancient healing science which uses 
natural skin treatments like special oils and crushed sandalwood
to promote one's immunity using special massage.
So much more to it....
oh and I absolutely need to thank
pinterest goddess deluxe
for helping me spray paint
the florescent pink paint on fabric!

 Our feet are forever florescent
The fabric is a gorgeous oatmeal linen-muslin like scrim.

Here's Helen's window:
 from the inside
 out looking in
 I also dressed Jill's, Tivoli Mercantile children's shop window.
Jill's shop is a special place...
gorgeous clothes, jewelry, wares for home, special things for kids
much more!
I ALWAYS find at least one treasure there....
Worth the trip!
I promise!
The best part was sewing the new circle flags
in the fab barn I was lucky enough to stay + work in.
Absolute heaven there even in the pouring rain.
More snaps of the barn:
cozy bed
Jill snapping the field of wildflowers

 perfect little kitchen
until next time!


jill said...

LOVED having you here to work and play! You did a fab job on Helen's window and of course I love mine so much! You are the best and I love you. xo

jill said...

p.s. Sexy legs!

jill said...

One more have NEVER left my shop with just ONE thing! Haha.