Tuesday, August 23, 2011

stony creek farm

Everett and just I went to a 
in Walton, NY
to have some one on one time together.
We camped in a tricked out tent
(no electricity),
bought our food at the 
"honesty shop" in the big red barn, which was fully stocked 
with all you need to make 
delicious meals
(Kate's home baked bread=delish),
+ all organic produce + meat right from the farm,
+ I made the fires to cook all our food.
I could go on and on about
how incredibly wonderful 
the experience was.
The snaps tell a bit of the story.
We will be going again for certain!

and YES!  I did feel the earth just quake.
Stony Creek Farm

making our supper on outside grill

our tent

our new friends + pigs

 breakfast cooking on the wood burning stove

 french toast, blueberries + peaches
Everett + tractor

 pork chops + fresh string beans + water for tea

 Everett + new friends on the gator

 picking blackberries with the beautiful Kate, the farmer + her children
 the chicken coop (yes! old lockers=brilliance)

 Everett finds 8 eggs!

 Ryan + Everett + Abby the milking cow
(raw milk for my coffee=yum)

Everett milking Abby

 feeding chickens

 getting ready to roast marshmallows

1 comment:

kate said...

I can't believe such a place exists so close and I've never heard of it! I am so going :)
What a magical experience that must have been for you two! You surely created memories for a lifetime.
Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing!