Wednesday, August 24, 2011

tivoli mercantile

On our way back from our farm/camping trip,
(Most scenic non-highway drive thru Catskills)
we stopped in Red Hook, NY to visit
Jill of Tivoli Mercantile.
Jill has been following 
Paper Oranges and we have chatted a bit via facebook.
It was a very, very special treat to see her shop.
I met her husband, Arno who invented HUDSON PAINT
a chalkboard paint that comes in an array of my favorite colors.
(He is now doing paint for walls + floors)
I met their daughter, Stella who is Everett's age (5)
teens Josh (son) and Lola (daughter).
WHAT a shop!
(no joke)
Amazing books for children + adults, 
simple perfect jewelry, toys, key chains, purses,
t-shirts, baby tees, soaps, aprons.....
I found the most special things + gifts...
You must make the trip to 
5 E Market Street
Red Hook, NY 12571
Tell Jill I sent you!
Jill:  I know I went on + on!  I had to!!!
 the shop

 arno + his paint
another shop shot

 everett shopping

arno + jill
 see jill in her gorgeous dress 
(I have the same ones ;)

there is the red sign on the right!

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